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About Us

Why We Are Different

The H&A Experience:
Harris & Associates is an independent investment advisory firm with specialties in personal finances, investment management, executive benefits and estate planning. Since 1992, we have been privileged to provide our clients with sound advice and exceptional strategies to help them achieve their financial goals. It is our mission to help our clients navigate today’s complex financial challenges by creating a clear vision of what they want and structuring their money to support that vision.

Ethics First:
With our President and Founder Dr. David Harris having earned a Doctorate in Ethics, we have a culture that is grounded in ethics and are focused on delivering a fiduciary standard of service to all our clients. Having the responsibility of your fiduciary, we have a legal obligation to put your needs ahead of our own. To do so, we maintain complete knowledge of our client’s financial affairs, personal values, and always act in the client’s best interest.

Always Independent:
At Harris & Associates, our clients always receive our best independent financial advice. To ensure transparency, we offer fee based advisory services where our compensation comes from our clients and never from outside firms, or ‘soft dollar’ compensation. Financial products with commission based compensation are strongly vetted, with full disclosure of money that may come to the firm. When you work with Harris & Associates, you will always get our best advice, free from the conflicts of interest that are pervasive throughout much of the financial advice industry.

So, how does this work out in advantages you may enjoy while working with Harris & Associates? In a word, “Confidence.” No one can guarantee investment returns. Markets will fluctuate, but integrity does not.

Working with Harris & Associates you will get objective personalized advice. We listen and seek to understand your situation and your wishes. If your expectations are unrealistic we will tell you and try to explain why. If your objective does not match your needs, we will try to point out what may be in your long term best interests. But ultimately the decision is yours. It’s your money, your future and we are only the advisor. The desire to give up responsibility for financial decisions has led to many unhappy results. Blind trust is the preferred realm of those who might seek to take advantage of others.

At Harris & Associates we take a fiduciary approach to all our advice. That means working in our client's best interest at all times. Our best clients seek our advice, learn from us, and forge their best strategy.