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Although we are an independent wealth management firm whose origins began before the iPhone, don’t let that fool you into thinking we are still using Windows 98’. At Harris & Associates, we pride ourselves on using some of the most innovative and powerful technological solutions available to date. We are believers in the power of data, and the potential new technological capabilities have to improve standards of living and productivity for all. That said, technology in all its glory cannot substitute for the authentic human touch. It is our goal to use technology that best blend efficiency and personability. We believe by pairing the best technology available with our hands-on approach, our clients receive a higher caliber of service.

Some of the benefits our clients gain from our platforms include:

  • Keep more of what you invest with “Zero-Fee Security Trades”
  • Stay connected to our dynamic world with “Real Time Portfolio Quotes”
  • See all your accounts in one place with “Client Aggregate Account Portal”
  • Keep up to date on the go with our proprietary "Harris & Associates Mobile App"
  • Adapt instead of react with “Always On Financial Plan”
  • Contact us all the time with “Video Calls & Instant Message Integrations”
  • Sleep tight knowing your data is safe with “128bit Cloud Data Storage Encryption"

Core Technology Providers:

Tech: Orion

If financial planning is our bread, then managing portfolios is our butter. That said, each client doesn't need the same amount of butter, let alone the same type or variety. Orion Advisor Solutions allows us to create client specific portfolio models and automates client reports so clients get checkups as frequently they want. And of course if you are the type of investor that likes to check your portfolio every morning, all our clients have access to web and app based client portals which display all their investment accounts - even those we don’t manage. This means when you are our client you receive your own personal wealth portal and mobile application to track all aspects of your financial life. It goes without saying, Orion is much more than a portfolio accounting system.

In our world, clients are our most important asset. Needless to say, managing and securing their information, preferences and activity is of upmost importance. Redtail Technology delivers web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for the Financial Professional. This is not your typical off-the-shelf CRM solution, rather one designed from the ground up to meet the challenging needs of financial advisors.