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Financial Planning

Unlike most financial planners, at Harris & Associates we don't produce static financial plans. While the typical static financial plan can provide an in depth snapshot but life is dynamic and your financial plan should be too! 

Dynamic financial plans update as your life and the world around you changes. Our plans alert both you and us as you approach milestones, need to take action or fall out of step with your future goals. This allows us to actively track your progress and make the necessary adjustments to keep you on track - before next years new static financial plan. Advizr, our planning partner, provides analytical tools and alerts driven by real-time integrations with all your financial accounts to keep track of your progress towards goals. Thus, investment review meetings become progress meetings aligned with your goals and market strategies. 

At the heart of what we do, Harris & Associates provides clients with your choice of individualized comprehensive financial plans that take into account your unique goals, dreams and desires. For households under $2 million in assets, an additional fee may be required. In all cases, clients may choose how much planning they prefer. See the difference dynamic planning can make in the journey toward your dreams.