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Why Ethics

Ethics are important in every industry, but nowhere as much as the financial services industry. Money connects all the people and businesses in an economy. We have seen the disastrous consequences in ethical abuse, and in the lack of transparency in financial markets. Complex financial instruments led to the financial collapse of 2008 and 2009, not to mention the disastrous consequences for many individuals and their families. We believe small and large financial businesses alike must behave ethically, for their own benefit, for their customers’ benefit, and for the benefit of the economy as a whole.  

With the increasing complexity of the financial world, it's ever more important to find professionals you can trust. By choosing a financial planner who is governed by strict ethical principles and guidelines, you can feel more confident that you will get the advice and assistance you deserve.

At Harris & Associates, it is our mission to give our clients our best advice, all the time. We view relationships like family, not merely clients. With an appreciation for relationships, moral conduct, and principled behavior we strive to make sure our every word and action is always in your best interest.