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Value Added Services

At HARRIS & ASSOCIATES, you are not just an account. You are a person with dreams and fears, trying to enjoy your life and take care of the people you care about. That's why we offer services to help clarify your goals, minimize financial mistakes, and offer our advice in your best interest.

On the columns to the right, you’ll see six categories of planning that we make available, as part of our client asset fee. These services are generally available for no additional cost.

These services may offer financial solutions to the challenges you face in gathering assets, preserving assets and navigating the tax and market challenges of today's world.

You may know us for helping you works towards achieving your investment goals or obtaining a life insurance policy to protect your family. Whether you are a current client or potential client, please take a minute to review the areas below and ask yourself, if you need to address any of these issues.

For example, many of our clients are discovering that Long Term Care (LTC) risk may be greater than expected. LTC insurance is expensive and you may need those dollars for living expenses. Yet, new products are available to help leverage your assets 4 or 5 times! $50,000 premium in a life insurance policy may provide $450,000 of Death Benefit, 100% of which can be used to care for yourself if needed.

These and many more smart planning resources are available for our clients. So, investigate any possible concerns from the list. If there is a solution right for you, we can usually help you find it.

If you are a client, we appreciate your trust and confidence! If you would like to learn more, we are happy to start the conversation. So, call today for a free consultation to find out how easily you can get on track, living your dreams every day!

I. Cash Flow
   a. Income
   b. Benefits
   c. Expenses
   d. Safe Savings Rate
   e. Income Protection   
        - Tax Planning   
        - Unearned Income   
        - Disability Insurance

II. Balance Sheet 
    a. Assets/Liabilities/Net Worth
    b. Asset Protection    
        - Life Insurance     
        - P & C Insurance    
        - Long-Term Care Insurance    
        - Estate Plan and Funding

III. Debt Management 
     a. Ratio Analysis
     b. Interest Burden Analysis
     c. Repayment Strategy

IV. Asset Management
     a. Investment Planning    
         - Risk Analysis       
         - Tax Analysis     
         - Investment Policy Statement    
         - Asset Allocation
     b. Accumulation Planning    
         - Retirement Planning    
         - College Planning    
         - Other Goals

V. Business Planning 
    a. Equity Analysis
    b. Appreciation
    c. Benefits
    d. Succession Planning

VI. Estate Planning
     a. Wills and Trusts Summary    
         - Living Trust    
         - Healthcare Declaration    
         - Power of Attorney    
         - Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
         - Special Needs Trust
     b. Transfer Strategies
     c. Charitable Planning
     d. Estate Tax Analysis
     e. Estate Tax Funding