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4th Quarter Market Commentary

Nearing the end of the year is a great time to have a financial check-up

It helps to stop and take stock from time to time on any journey. The various passages of our lives come and go whether we think about them or not. We can be intentional about life’s journey, or spend our life surprised by what shows up and wishing we had planned better beforehand.

This is especially true with finances. It would not be wise to want to go to college without thinking about where and why, and what it might cost. We may try to buy a house, or plan to buy a house. We may want a good job or we can prepare for a good job and a career that is both lucrative and satisfying.

As a financial planner, I have found that life throws you curve balls at times. But it is much easier to modify your plan when that happens, than take a strike because you were not prepared.

So where are you in your phase of life? Early career? Dealing with young children? Thinking about retirement? Starting to slow down and wondering if your money will last?
Wherever you are, it makes sense to pause and look at where you are headed, assess how you are doing and think about where you really would like to go. And since money is an important part of any journey, a financial check-up may help answer all the above questions.

For all our clients, we do a financial check-up periodically. However, in the months of October and November, before the holiday rush, we are offering a financial check-up for all the beneficiaries of our clients.

These may be young children preparing for life and the expense of college. Young adults, contemplating marriage, buying a home, or establishing a savings and investment plan. Or mature adults concerned with their own retirement plans and wondering how they may need to take care of aging parents. For older adults the major questions surround maintaining good health, managing their money to make sure it will last, and considering estate planning and the legacy they may be able to leave younger generations.

Oddly, many of these planning decisions involve far more than money. For example, it’s not just money for college, but choice of a career and the type of experience that will begin a satisfying life. Getting started with a spouse and family involves jobs, where to call home, what to get involved with and what to avoid, as well as handling the rush of responsibilities that are thrust upon us as young adults. Retirement planning is as much about what to retire to as what to retire from. Having enough money is not the only issue for older adults. I hear concerns about the things they care most about in life. About the values they cherish, memories and how they want to make the most of the time they have left.

So, talk to us about your financial planning needs. And we will be contacting our clients about making appointments for their beneficiaries. It is free, with no obligation. We will give our best planning advice without charge. Because a little bit of planning can only make life better, more confident and leave us all better prepared for those curve balls that come our way, sometimes when we least expect them!

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